The Virtual Physiology Team:

Hans A. Braun
PD. Dr.rer.physiol. Dipl.Ing.
Head of the Marburg Neurodynamics Group
Director of BM&T GbR
Project Coordinator, Concepts, Math. Algorithms
For all scientific or didactic questions please send an email to braun (at)
or call +49 173 319 3028
Aubin Tchaptchet
Dr. Dipl. Ing.(FH)
IT & QA Manager
Development of SimMuscle, SimNerv and SimNeuron

contribution to the realization of SimHeart and SimVessel. Responsible for the Website and electronic delivery of the programs.
In case of any technical problems, please send an email to aubin.tchaptchet (at)
or call +49 176 860 271 75

The Virtual Physiology series can only be realized in highest scientific, technical and didactic qualities in cooperation
with professional digital media companies and other professional help.

Daniel Mohnke
Dipl. Inf.(FH)
Educay, Hallgarten
Project Management SimHeart and SimVessel,
Design and Programming
Jirka R. Dell’Oro-Friedl
Prof. for Digital Media and Game Design at the
University of Furtwangen
Founder of Entertrain Software GmbH, Mainz
SimHeart and SimVessel Programming Concepts and Design
Tina Braun
Dipl. Des.,
motiondesign, Berlin
Graphics, Animation, Movies, Design
Gerard McGregor
Medical Communication
OmniScience SA, Geneva, Switzerland and Prof. at the University of Marburg
gerard.mcgregor (at)
Scientific Writing, Tutorials
Horst Schneider
Biologist and Software Developer
Concepts, Design, Programming

Most important for the implementation of realistic and didactically valuable virtual laboratories is the advice of
experienced researchers, teaching and programming experts.

Karlheinz Voigt
Physician, Pharmacologist
Previous Director of the Physiological Institute
at the University of Marburg
Contents and Didactics
Martin Ch. Hirsch
Physiologist and Developer
of Educational Programs
Parmenides Found., Munich
Concepts and Design
Kurt Mandrek
Physicist and Physiologist. Experimental and theoretical heart and smooth muscle physiology.
Adjustment of physiological algorithms
Friederike Stumpff
at the Inst. of Veterinary Physiology at FU Berlin
Electrophysiology, smooth muscle physiology
Scientific and didactic advice
Svetlana Postnova
Dr.rer.physiol. Dipl.Phys.
Research Fellow
and Software Designer
University of Sydney
also contrib. to
Integrative functions of Neurons and Brain Dynamics
Justus Schwabedal
Research Fellow at the MPI for the Physics of Complex Systems, Dresden
Biophysical Aspects of (Neuro-) Physiological Modelling
Oxana Semaychkina-Glushkovskaya
Prof. of Biology
Saratov State University
(Patho-) Physiology and Pharmacology of Blood Vessels and Circulation
Sibylle Wenzel
Prof. of Vet. Medicine
University of Giessen
Physiology, Pharmacology and Diseases of the Heart